Enigma Tattoo

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Tattoo shop x Art Studio by Veronique Imbo & Alex Peyrat

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Mauve Montréal

Mauve is the vision of Pat Pierce who wanted to bring the personal, clinical level of service and hygiene that he practices in piercing and scarification to the realm of tattooing and provide all of these services in the same studio. In addition, he wanted to create a studio where the focus is on high end client service and there is a climate of ongoing [...]

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MTL Tattoo

In 1997 begins a great adventure for Tatooatouage in the midst of the Quartier Latin. Throughout the years, commitment and professionalism became our core values and allow Tatooatouage to blossom. After having offered to several artists the possibility to sharpen their style and identity, we decided to open a second store in order to meet the ever growing [...]

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Sincity Tatouages

SinCity Tattoos and Piercing was established in 2005. We are proud to be one of the most sought after shops in Montreal. All of our artists are award winning and dedicated to the art of tattooing. We practice the highest standards of sterilization and protecting “you”, our client. We specialize in customized projects and have a renowned artist that [...]

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