Éditions du Boréal

Éditions du Boréal is a Canadian publishing house based in Montreal that publishes general literature in French. Founded in 1963, it has become over time one of the main independent houses respected for the quality of its releases. Many of its authors have received prizes in Canada and abroad. Boréal publishes between 60 and 70 novelties each year [...]

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Groupe d'éditions La Courte Échelle

Established in 1978, La Courte Échelle has become a world leader for French-language youth literature.

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Lurelu is the only Québécois magazine dedicated to youth literature. Lurelu magazine was founded in 1978: hundreds of teaching establishments and libraries receive it, in Quebec and throughout Canada. Its purpose is to make known Québécois CDs, novels, comics, documentaries, magazines, poetry, tales, and plays aimed at children, but also to make [...]

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Textualis is a linguistic services company that has been in operation for over 30 years

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