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Michel Benoit Massothérapie

3891, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal Qc, H2W 2M4

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About Michel Benoit Massothérapie

3891, rue Saint-Denis
Montréal Qc, H2W 2M4

Certified massage therapist and member of the FQM. Massages have long been associated with luxury or treat, but they are now more and more acknowledged as an efficient alternative way to improve your health and wellbeing. Scientific research has proved that a massage is a lot more than "cocooning". By improving blood flow, the massage helps bring nutrients and get rid of toxins retained in the body. It also helps relax muscular fibers, thus restoring mobility and a normal muscular efficiency. It has also been proved that the massage therapist stimulates the release of hormones which produce relaxation, thus reducing stress and anxiety. But beyond those scientific findings, the massage helps finding a physical, mental, and emotional balance by enjoying this unique moment.