Alchimiste en herbe

We sell medicinal herbs and teas in bulk, customers can bring their own containers if they want to. We also carry herb extracts, health supplements, cosmetics, essential oils, incense , cristal and stones. Out team is made up of passionate herbalists who will be pleased to answer your questions, to help you take better care of your health, and guide [...]

4567 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-6880

Artigiani Pizzeria Cucina

Both pizzeria and gourmet grocery, Artigiani is a perfect fusion between traditional and modern Italian cuisine, an impeccable harmony between generations...

4657 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-564-5842

Au festin de Babette

Café-restaurant that offers sandwiches, brunches, salty or sweet crêpes, pastries, and the best coffee. You can also find chocolates from French chocolatier Michel Cluizel, as well as a wide range of high quality gourmet grocery products (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sweets, etc.). During the summer, we offer the best old-fashioned soft ice cream [...]

4085 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-0214

Auprès de ma blonde

Auprès de Ma blonde bar is a welcoming establishment. This appreciated place is open in the evenings everyday of the week.

3845 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-5385

Bambou Bleu

Bring your own wine Vietnamese restaurant.

3985 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-1401

Bé épices - cafés

The TOP selection in premium exotic spices. For Professionals AND individuals. Custom blends, personalized, with your name or brand. Bulk and eco-responsible packaging. Creator of value-added, ready-to-eat products: chocolates, cakes, breads, flavored coffees and teas, etc. Unique and exclusive craft products, 100% in-house design. Exceptional location [...]

4160 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-476-0653

Bistro de Paris

4536 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-5564

Café Mimi

In 1996, Lili started baking pastries. In 2004, she opened her first store in Toronto. She became famous for the largest variety of homemade food and desserts. 10 years later, she opens her first store in Montreal. Café Mimi's desserts are the result of many years of experience and of the mixture of flavours and textures of authentic ingredients. The [...]

3970 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-985-0333

Café Myriade

We are a little coffee shop located in Montreal working in collaboration with Vancouver's 49th Parallel Roasters. On the menu, you can find pastries from local and independent bakers. We also offer homemade products made on site. At our coffee shop, no one will tell you how to drink your coffee; after all, it's a very personal choice. We are aware that [...]

4627 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-940-0444


A restaurant that offers eclectic cuisine, freely inspired by flavours and textures from here and elsewhere. A reflection of Quebec, its memory and its globally-mindedness focused on the future, and everything that gives this province its unique colour. A mixture of travel souvenirs, some that are exciting and others full of nostalgia, told by local [...]

4110 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-419-9601

Chez Dany pizza

Slices or full pizzas, and poutines. Delivery and take out.

4348 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-9842

Chocolats Andrée

4440B Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-279-5923


Vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers Thaï food made with imitation meat and seafood.

4088 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-843-4194

Club Mamaia

European restaurant and lounge, mainly known for its Romanian cuisine. Try it once, and we guarantee you will come back for more!

4727 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-419-3336

Comptoir 21

Born 5 years ago in the heart of Mile-End, Comptoir 21 now has 4 locations as well as a lunch counter spread all over the city. Our restaurants come alive in a warm and welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of east coast diners, offering Montrealers from every part of the city the chance to enjoy our delicious fresh fish wrapped in perfectly crusty batter. Day [...]

418 Gilford    Tel.:514-504-3474

Crèmerie Meu Meu

Little dairy store that offers frozen desserts, including sorbet, yogurt, ice cream and milkshakes.

4458 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-5889

El Garrobo

4115 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-209-9022

Herbivores Marché Végétalien

Vegan grocery store

3842 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-290-8585


4147 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-9604


Do you like deli meats and Spanish gourmet products? Have you tasted the Ibéricos ham? You can now try it on Saint-Denis Street!! Not only can you taste all kinds of hams, chorizos, and Iberian salchichón in a meal or a sandwich, but you can also buy some vacuum packed and take it home. Here, you will find the best Spanish hams, hand cut!

4475 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-4475

Ilios Traiteur

Ready-to-eat meals. Coffee. Catering. Gourmet grocery. Authentic Greek cuisine. Everything is homemade.

3922 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-419-9994

J'aime Sushi

4108 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-3543

Kofi Crêpe

4483 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-315-4443


Casual bistro popular for brunch, with a lively patio.

3817 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-847-2267


Famous French bistro, located on the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montréal, opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner since 1980.

3927 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-5333

La Belle Thailandaise

Restaurant La Belle Thailandaise is a family business that has been running for over 19 years with the same owner. It is located on Saint-Denis Street, between Mont-Royal Street and Saint-Joseph Street, right in the midst of the Plateau Mont-Royal. In order to make clients our main priority, our service is welcoming and warm, and our varied menu [...]

4514 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-843-6269

La brûlerie St-Denis

Coffee-roasting house, experts in coffees and teas.

3967 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-389-9159

La Dépendance

4282 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-487-2131

La Matraca

La Matraca is a restaurant where you can taste Mexico's flavours!

4607 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-285-0777

Le Club Espresso Bar

Le Club is a space offering under the same roof, an espresso bar, a bike repair and a boutique. This Montreal cycling café is aiming to be a gathering place for the cycling community.

3801 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-970-0224

Le Doggy Café

4701 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-419-5855

Le Hangart

3951 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-543-1975


MAZBI BRINGS YOU THE BEST OF TRADITIONAL YEMENI COOKING Our Master Chef, hailing from Hadhramaut, Yemen is highly skilled in the time tested cooking ways of Mazbi: Mountain rocks are placed on top of a charcoal/wood grill and your choice of meat or chicken is slow cooked until melt in your mouth tender. Served flat on a bed of basmati rice and infused [...]

4669 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-375-6181


Peruvian cuisine in a traditional decor. We offer ceviches and a tasting menu.

3863 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-4448

Mr Wok

4050 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-840-3607


A unique concept worldwide: a store and online store dedicated to mushrooms.

4324 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-223-6977


Tea house and tea room, healthy food to eat on-site or to take-out.

4511 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-227-2464


Ouzeri offers a sophisticated dining experience, consisting of Greek meals that are a treat for your taste buds. The restaurant offers meals such as octopus, calamari, and shrimps in wine or ouzo. There sophisticated Mediterranean meals do not only consist of sea food, as chicken and lamb are also a must.

4690 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-1336

Palais Maharaja

404 Gilford    Tel.:514-842-7878

Paradis Montréal

4427 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-5332

Paradis Végétarien Chi-Ming

A vegetarian paradise! Over 200 high quality vegetarian products.

4381 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-7174

Pho Mymy

Best Pho in Montreal!

408 Gilford    Tel.:514-840-5726

Plato - Café Cantine Traiteur

PLATO is a friendly place, aimed at bringing together people from the neighborhood and promoting eco-responsible food and consumption. Creative and competitive catering service that always offers its customers personalized quality service.

4522 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-240-8094

Rachelle Béry

4201 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-524-0725

Restaurant Hachoir

4177 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-903-1331

Restaurant L'Académie

Whether it's a lunch between friends, a romantic evening, or a supper with the whole family, L'Académie restaurants provide a memorable culinary experience. Our French and Italian specialties delight our guests in each of our establishments in Montreal and its surroundings, and our caring staff is dedicated to providing you with the best service. The [...]

4051 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-2249

Restaurant Sorocco

Opened in the Fall of 2015, Sorocco is a local restaurant and friendly tapas bar with a casual atmosphere. The Spanish-inspired cuisine includes simple and savoury meals, revisited classics, and meals to share. The menu is developed by chef Claire Bridel and constantly changes with the seasons and market arrivals.

4621 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-386-4621

Resto Seoul

Fusion Japonaise foods, sushi, ramen, maki, teriyaki, Sake Wine Beer Bar

4287 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-379-1520

SAQ Classique

Wines and spirits.

4008 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-5200

Simplement D Liche

Simplement D Liche sweets are a gastronomical melt-in-your-mouth experience made from the finest ingredients. Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, our store is Montreal’s destination for gourmet cupcakes, designer cakes, cookies and cake pops. Specializing in custom designs for parties, events, weddings, or for any occasion, D Liche [...]

3964A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-500-2505

Tacos Tin Tan

Probably the best tacos in Montreal ;) #TTT

3828 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-903-9478

Tau Aliments Naturels

4238 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-843-4420

TGV Istanbul

Turkish Restaurant

4440A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-543-1717

Tomato la Boîte à Pizza

Tomato La boite à Pizza was founded in May 2006 with the goal of serving pizzas with an authentic taste. The first restaurant was opened on Saint-Viateur Street, and we then opened on Saint-Denis Street at the end of 2007, and on Beaubien Street in September of the same year. Tomato offers a selection of over 20 pizzas, as well as a selection of [...]

4319 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-613-3652


Artisanal Ice creamery offering Lactose-Free flavours inspired by international desserts with vegan options

3813 A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-360-8823

Club Insiders Anticafé / Cowork

4451 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-903-2884

H2 Hyderabad House

4723 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-379-4455


4167 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-285-9078

La Maison de la Torréfaction

412 Gilford    Tel.:514-849-1695