Artefact Montréal

4117 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-2780

Au boudoir d'Alice

4440B Saint-Denis    Tel.:000-000-0000

Boutique Courir

Established in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal on Saint-Denis Street since 1989, Boutique Courir Montréal is a unique concept in Québec. Spread on 15 000 square feet and 3 floors, our store offers a large selection of shoes, clothing, gear, and accessories from the biggest brands specialized in running, walking, cross-country skiing, triathlon, [...]

4452 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-9600

Boutique Mariela

4107 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-0633

Boutique Ocean

4413 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-8980

Deuxième Peau

Bathing suits and lingerie store.

4457 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-0811


Californian company under the sun of the Plateau Mont-Royal! Fashion clothing for adults and children age 0 to 5.

4210 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-0058

Gap Kids and Baby

4228 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-2007

Jeune Amérique

Jeune Amérique is a women's clothing store that offers quality and reasonably-priced items. You can find several collections from Québécois designers as well as clothing made with natural and organic fibers.

4391 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-9995

La Brise du Sud

A store where you can find bathing suits, fine lingerie, clothing for cruises, and accessories.

3955 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-6849

La Gamine

Québécois, Canadian and international designers

4109 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-1441


For Lolë, wellbeing is a state of mind that suggests a lively and loving nature in harmony with itself and its relatives. It is this state of mind that brightens one's eyes after a yoga session in the sun, a walk in the park, or a good laugh with friends. In the summer or in the winter, in the city or in the countryside, Lolë reveals your beauty and [...]

4075 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-507-3907

Marrakech Store

In 2000, we opened our Moroccan store in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in order to offer and introduce Moroccan crafts to the population. The items are directly imported from Morocco and are sold to professionals or private individuals. Since the beginning, our desire has been to offer a selection of decoration items with a good value for money. We offer [...]

3932 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-1953


4394 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-840-4440


Women's fashion by Christian Chenail

4467 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-9493


At NEON, it all boils down to one thing: the brands. The best, before-you-even-know-you-want-'em brands.

4251 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-2013


Nisse draws inspiration from the modern woman, designing head-turning clothes that combine classic style with a dash of daring. The chic and feminine universe of Nisse proposes an essential choice of garments, combining an impeccable tailoring and sexy femininity. Creations meant to instantly improve a wardrobe, from opulent cuts, cutting-edge blazers, [...]

4109A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-9119


Concept store offering women's fashion clothing and accessories.

4339 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-282-9994

Onze Montréal

ONZE MONTRÉAL clothing label is designed in Montréal and produced in limited quantities. Inspired by classic vintage feminine styling with a fun twist, designed for the modern women. It is where you will always find comfortably cut, cute fit & flare dress, nautical inspirations, denim shirt dresses, polka dots and fun prints and where florals are [...]

4146 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-223-6938

Sun Valley Canada

4235 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-217-9962

UM Studio

UM, a wedding dress design studio that focuses on providing a new shopping experience, is conveniently located in St-Denis the heart of Le Plateau. The UM Studio brings a new, high-end experience combined with one-of-a-kind style to your wedding.

3804 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-7707

Urban outfitters

4301 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-5944

Véronique D'aragon

Store and workshop of women's clothing.

3884 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-273-5225

Vujà Dé

An independent designer fashion brand founded in 2016, vujà dé is a high-end womenswear label for women between the ages of 25 and 45. It is conscious of the banality of everyday dressing experiences. It combats such banality and refreshes your experience by casting basic material in a new and creative light, revealing all the hidden emotions. The [...]

3920 Saint-Denis    Tel.:000-000-0000

Zao Homme

4156 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-559-5000