This bookshop is a real treasure vault for comics.

3882 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-8477

Guide de voyage Ulysse

4176 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-843-9447

Le Valet d'Coeur

A fun place known by almost everyone, Le valet d'coeur is a must on Saint-Denis Street. It offers a very large variety of games that will please the whole family, as well as a ton of miscellaneous objects from around the globe.

4408 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-9970

Librairie Planète BD

Bookstore specialized in comics, member of the ALBD.

4077 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-759-9800


With close to 30 outlets across Quebec, Renaud-Bray has grown to become the biggest chain of French-language bookstores in North America.

4380 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-2587