El Zaz Bar

4297, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal Qc, H2J 2K9

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About El Zaz Bar

4297, rue Saint-Denis
Montréal Qc, H2J 2K9

Just like its cousin El Zaziummm, El Zaz Bar can brag about having one of the most psychedelic decors in town. Whether you like rock, international music or pop, the Zaz will always win you over by its conviviality and its contagious cheerfulness. For pool lovers: a table is located behind the club where everyone is always having fun competing against one other!

Working hours

Dim15h00 - 3h00
Lun15h00 - 3h00
Mar15h00 - 3h00
Mer15h00 - 3h00
Jeu15h00 - 3h00
Ven15h00 - 3h00
Sam15h00 - 3h00